Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pouring Out My Heart

God wants me talking to Him all the time about all things.  Sometimes I feel like I'll wear Him out or annoy Him or be too needy.  Like somehow I'm doing Him a favor by not bothering Him too often.

No, completely the contrary.  He wants me to go to Him at all times.  He promises to be my refuge.  A refuge is for always.  You don't wear out or annoy or drain a refuge.  A refuge is by its very nature a place of shelter, protection, or safety.  It is a place for aid, relief or escape.  A refuge doesn't go and come.  It is permanent, always there.

So, today I'm believing that I can:

Trust in Him at all times.  
Pour out my heart to Him.
For God is my refuge!!
Psalm 62:8

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