Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Your Love is Better Than Life

I awoke with the feelings already swimming around in my head.  Feelings of discontent and the awareness that there was something that I very much wanted that up to this point I have not been able to obtain.

I know where this kind of thinking goes . . . self-pity, a determination to get what I'm seeking, and (eventually) the empty frustration of (once again) not having what I want in my grasp.  Result?  More self-pity, and the cycle begins all over again.

But this morning there was a new twist.  A determination that instead of continuing to go down the same hopeless path, I am going to choose to believe God and who He is and what He says.

And the truth I chose to seize upon today in the middle of the pity, the self-effort, and the lonely frustration was this:

"Your love is better than life."  
Psalm 63:3

That is what I am choosing to believe today.  And that is what I promptly told myself. 

My flesh turned up its nose, rolled its eyes, sulked

Never mind.  I told it to myself again.  Once again, my feelings gave no response.  

But God's Word is truth, and I choose to believe.  My feelings, on the other hand, are changeable, barometric, unreliable.

His love is enough.  If it's better than life itself, it's certainly better than the elusive hope I hold dear in my heart.  And unlike that wispy, unpredictable, shadowy desire, His love it attainable.  In fact, it's already mine.

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